About Us - we're proud to have raised over £300,000 ~ but we can do so much more!

At Enterama we work closely with all sorts of charities and good causes to create entertaining fundraising events  - and we are extremely good at them !

We understand that our customers need to find interesting ways of generating much needed cash and at the same time involve their supporters and create a positive sentiment for their charity, club, school, or good cause. We don't mind how large or small your fundraising needs are - we've worked with small groups of local people raising money for a good cause, to international multi-million pound businesses and organisations..

We've raised money for projects as diverse as Special Needs Schools, Medical Research, Sports Tours, Corporate Charitable Foundations, Animal Welfare, Hospital Trusts, Special Medical & Scanning Equipment, Hospices, Village Hall Trusts, Memorials, Equipment for Disabled People, and helped people to  participate in other fiundraising events (Marathons,Mount Kilimanjaro, Olympics, World Championships) and we've even helped to build Orphanages and Schools in Africa and India.

We're justly proud of our fundraising record, but we know we can do so much more. So if you want to start your fundraising call us FREE on 0800 021 0670 or 07966 294265 and we'll be happy to discuss your event ideas.    

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Use the links to browse our site. We're sure to have a race night or entertainment format to suit your event and your budget. When you see something of interest, or if you have an idea for your event, call us on FREE on 0800 021 0670 or call 01689 600670 or 01689 824712 or 07966 294265 or just go to the contact us page, or email us at contactus@enterama.com. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements.