Enterama 'Full Payout' Cash Race Nights (no fundraising element)

Enterama 'Full Payout' Cash Race Nights are the same format as our 'Cash Fundraising' Race Nights, but we pay out all the stakes to the winners. There is no retention for fundraising. Enterama Cash Payout Race Nights are a great attraction for pubs and clubs, and are ideal for corporate sponsorship and can be personalised as required.

Cash 'Full Payout' Race Nights can be either our 6-race or 8-race format, and the timing and content can vary if you are on a time limit, or you are providing a meal or buffet, or want music additional live entertainment, or our terrific 'Sound & Lights' disco.

How much does a Cash & Prize Race Night cost?

Our basic fee for a 'Full Payout' cash race night starts at only £160 but every event is different and the total cost will depend on the location of your event, the content you require, and the resources we will need to deliver your event. Go to the contact us page or email us at contactus@enterama.com or call FREE on 0800 021 0670 or call us on 01689 600670 or 01689 824712 or 07966 294265 and we're sure we can come up with an offer that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.