Frequent Questions

How long has Enterama been trading?
Enterama was established in 2004.
Where are Enterama based?
We are based in Orpington, South East London.
Where do Enterama operate?
We work mainly in London and the South East, but we have the capability to operate nationally, and we occasionally work in Europe.
Do you use professionals?
All of our Comperes and Presenters are professionals. All our event operatives and equipment operators are experienced and fully trained in our systems and formats.
Is Enterama a Limited Company?
No - Enterama is privately owned although with the ongoing success of the business this is under consideration. We'll update the web pages to reflect this change if and when it occurs.
Do Enterama have their own Liability Insurance?
Yes - we have third party liability to £2million. However,this is not a substitute for any insurance or licencing requirements that may be required by our clients or venues.
Does Enterama have it's own bank account?
Yes - when you book an event with us we will, when required, provide our bank details over a secure link.
What Payment arrangements can we make?                                                                                                                                                                      

CASH: we accept cash payment, either before commencement of an event, or, if you are paying a deposit for equipment hire - on arival and delivery.

BACS - we accept payment in advance by BACS,and your full payment must be cleared into our business account the date before the event or delivery day.

CHEQUES - we accept payment by cheques in advance - payable to Enterama. Your cheque must be received at least 5 banking days before the event so that the funds clear into our business account the day before the event or delivery day.                                                                                               

DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS - we can take card payments in advance directly to our PayPal account, or you can use our mobile card reader to take card payments at the event or on delivery. Please note that card payments may incur a transaction and processing fee, which will vary according to the type of card and the method used for making payment.
Is Enterama VAT registered?
We have tried to avoid this for as long as possible, but the way it's going we aren't going to be able to put it off for much longer.
How can I contact Enterama?
You can e-mail us, phone us, leave us a phone message, or write to us. All our contact details are on the 'contact us' page. Just two rules: (1) please only use our free phone number if you are a customer, and (2) unless we already do business with you or have specifically requested information please do not send unsolicited advertising literature to our postal address! 
What is a 'race event'?
Enterama Race Events are an exciting and interactive entertainment experience where we bring the spectacle of racing directly to you in full digital sound and colour! Enterama provide a range of great race event formats. Please browse our website. When you decide which type of event you want, or if you require more information or guidance, please use any of the telephone numbers provided or email us using our  contact us page.
Are Race Events Legal?
Yes! Race events are legal as long as they are non-commercial events conducted within the terms of the Gambling Act 2005. No permission, or licence is required as long as the race event is not held for the private gain or profit of the organisers. This must be made clear on all posters, tickets, and printed matter, which must state that all profits (proceeds less costs) are to be applied for the benefit of a charity or good cause. Please go also to our Are Race Events Legal page, for more details.
What licences and insurance will I need?
You won't need a licence for the race event itself (as long as it is 'non-commercial') but you may for other attractions or entertainments that you are providing. It is always prudent to check that both you and your venue have the required music, alcohol, performing licences and insurances in place.
Can Enterama advise me on rules and regulations for race events?
We are fully aware of the requirements of the Gambling Act and we will ensure that your race event complies fully with the new regulations. If you really want to wade through all the technical stuff theres a link to the relevant government web pages on the 'Gambling Act' page. Frankly, it's not a stimulating read...but beware!
All race events are now classified as 'Gambling' under the Gambling Act 2005. Any operator who runs their race events under the old 'Lotteries and Amusements Act' could be breaking the law. The Lotteries and Amusements Act was repealed on the 1st September 2007 when the Gambling Act 2005 became law, and the rules have changed. If you use an operator who is not complying with the requirements of the Gambling Act, you may be breaking the law too! Don't take the chance ~ use an operator who knows the rules and complies with the law - Enterama!
Can Enterama help me set up a race event?
Of course! It's essential to generate the maximum return from your fundraising investment, and we frequently advise our clients on ways to do this, and provide useful guides in PDF format. Go to our 'Useful Info' page or go straight to our '12 ways to make money' information page.                                  
What is the Tote in a race event?
The 'Tote' (short for Totalisator) is the means of receiving and recording all of the stakes placed on each race, and calculating accurately the value of the winning pot to be shared between the players holding a winning ticket on that race.
Can Enterama help me set up my race tote?
The correct calculation and management of your Tote is vital to the success of your race event, and to ensure that you comply with the regulations. We will be happy to manage your tote betting for you, or advise or train your staff in the correct management of your Tote or we can provide our own fully trained and reliable operators. Go to our 'Useful Info' page or go straight to our 'How to Set up your Tote' information page.
Do I need to offer other attractions or entertainment?
Usually - YES, but it depends on the size of your event, the type of event you are planning, and how your event is set up and run. We would recommend that you offer one or more other attractions of equal status, to balance out the event so that you can be sure to comply with the regulations. We suggest a buffet or meal, or a subsidised bar (always popular!) or entertainment such as our disco or another of the entertainments that we offer
Can Enterama provide me with additional entertainment?
Enterama can provide a complete range of Entertainment to ensure you get the maximum value and return from your event. We can offer quizzes, raffles, bingo, auctions, discos, vocalists, bands, and a range of other entertainment to complete your event. Check out our 'Other Entertainments' page!


If we haven't got your question here, or you need more information, please contact us: and we'll add your question to our F.A.Q list.