Personalise my event

Why not make your event truly memorable by including video or photo presentations, souvenirs, personalised gifts, or additional attractions. Here are some suggestions, but please contact us or email us at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Publicity Posters: Only £15 for 4 posters A3 size in full colour (inc P&P) thereafter @ only £3 per poster.  We can print A3 size full colour publicity posters for your event, with all your logos, fundraising message, event details, and ticketing details, We will need your poster details as far in advance as possible so you can get on with promoting your event. Please note these posters should only be displayed at the venue where the event is to be held, and may not be displayed in other locations, and that once printed, these posters are unique to you and they cannot be returned.

Personalised Entry Tickets @ only £30 for up to 100 tickets ~ thereafter @ only £3 per 10 tickets. 
We can print your entry tickets for you, with your logo/personal message, and the full details of your event. These are really useful if you want to control guests numbers or access to food etc to those who have paid. The minimum print run is 100 tickets. We will need the ticket details as far in advance as possible before the event, so you can get on with selling them!  Please note that these tickets are unique to you and you will be required to take the full amount ordered, whether you use them all or not, as they cannot be returned or cancelled.

Event Staff / Tote Teller & Runners @ £100 per person + travel expenses: 
We can provide our own fully trained event assistants and tote tellers to manage your tote desk, or even take the tote sales around the tables, to save your guests having to get up ! All our event staff wear our corporate dress style, but If you like, and to add an air of flair and colour, our tellers can dress in jockey silks in racing colours.

Personalised Fun Money (£ P.O.A. depending on requirements)  Why not have your fun money printed with your guests' faces ? These are fantastic for celebration events, and are great souvenirs. We'll produce up to 5 denominations for you, plus 'blank cheques', and you can have any currency you like - or want to invent ! E-mail us a good quality face photo (and the name) of each person at least two weeks before the event, then tell us the currency and denominations you want and who you want on each denomination, and we'll print them up for you. We'll print enough for your event, but please note that, once printed, this fun money will be unique to you and you will be required to take the full amount ordered, whether you use them all or not, as they cannot be returned or cancelled.

Guests/Winners gifts/souvenirs (P.O.A. depending on your requirements): We can provide a wide range of winners' gifts and souvenirs, such as Winners Rosettes, Winners Medallions on neck straps, and personalised 'Winner', 'Owner' 'Trainer', 'Jockey', Certificates in A4 (blank names),  Plastic jockey hats (various striped colours) Winner' Cups /Trophies (various types + stands if required).

Photographs of Guests/Prize Winners: (£ P.O.A. according to requirements) We will take photos of your guests and lucky winners and print them during the event, for your guests to keep as souvenirs. The cost will depend on the number and type of photos you want.

Personalised PowerPoint presentation (£ P.O.A. according to requirements)  We can incorporate your own logo or personal/corporate message or incorporate ad-slots or info-slots within the race presentation during the event.

Personalised Video-Quiz presentation (£ P.O.A. according to requirements)  Why not incorporate your own logo, company message or corporate info-slots within the quiz presentation, or include your own product or company-related questions? (We'll need the correct answers of course!)