Enterama Cash Race Nights ~ cash fundraising from only £160 !

Enterama Cash Race Nights are great for those who want to generate their fundraising in hard cash!  and are our most popular choice for those who want a straight cash format for their event. Cash Race Nights can be personalised to your needs. We'll be happy to suggest ideas or discuss your requirements.

Cash Race Nights comprise either 6 or 8 pre-recorded DVD races, with optional bonus races, lucky dip forecasts, special feature races, and quizzes to complete your event. The 6 - race events are shorter and are usually combined with one of our other entertainments, such as a disco or band.

Cash Race Nights usually last about 2 - 3 hours, but the timing and content can vary if you are providing a meal or buffet, want music and dancing afterwards, book our terrific 'Sound-n-Light' Disco, additional live entertainment, or if you are on a time limit.

How much does a Cash Race Night cost? Our fees for a basic 6-race event start at £160 and go up to £350 for a larger 8-race event for over 120+ people. These are subject to travel costs according to the location fo your venue. Every event is different and the total cost will depend on your venue location, the content you require and the resources we will need to deliver a succesful event.

Go to the contact us page, or email us at contactus@enterama.com or call us FREE on 0800 021 0670 or call 01689 600670 or 01689 824712 or 07966 294265 and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. We're sure we can come up with an offer that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.